Friday, October 9, 2009

Thanks to everyone

I want to thank everyone who has left comments and sent emails lately. (Well, thanks for the complimentary emails. Those others accusing me of being Satan's second cousin I could live without. Just kidding, of course. Criticism is a good thing, and I'm in no way related to Satan.) One of the emails I received recently informed me that Keith Olbermann had complimented my writing, and it blew my mind.

In college, I once pitched against one of Andy Van Slyke's sons. Van Slyke happened to be at the game, and I was fortunate enough to pitch well. After the game he came up to one of my coaches and said, "That guy can really pitch." To hear a positive remark from someone with that much knowledge of the game did wonders for me. It sort of validated all of the hard work I had put into improving myself.

Well, I don't receive too many compliments like that about my pitching anymore. Hell, I don't know if I'll ever receive another compliment like that about my pitching. But it means a lot to receive a compliment from a long-time journalist such as Olbermann in a different area of my life.

There are a lot of problems in the game of baseball, especially in the treatment of minor league players. I know that the life that we live is better than many others. I'm grateful for every opportunity that I've ever had in this game and I love playing, but players are being mistreated by owners, and some things need change. My ultimate goal in my writing is to eventually shed more light on a few of these things. And hopefully I'll produce a laugh or two in the process.

I know that some of these hardships pale in comparison to other hardships in the world, but that doesn't mean that the situation in which we live is just. There are a lot of people getting rich in this game, including within minor league baseball. Meanwhile, the actual minor league players often sleep on floors and air mattresses and never see their wives or children. It doesn't seem fair.

Okay, I'm done tooting my own horn and ranting for a while. Have a good weekend.


Debbie said...

Keith Olbermann reads your work? I'm impressed! So keep writing about life in the minors: tell the stories that need to be told, and your audience will swell by the thousands.

Geno Espineli Fan said...

Great new article on going home. Made me really sad. I'm 14 yrs. old and you are one of my favorite players and one of my idols. Please don't give up. Keep fighting.
Your biggest fan,
Rob Sorge

gbroshuis said...

Thanks Rob! I'm giving it a lot of thought, as you can tell. And I'm glad to see you're a Geno fan. He's one of my favorite people in the organization.

I appreciate your thoughts! And I hope all is well in your life. Work hard at everything that you do and you'll never have any regrets.

Geno Espineli Fan said...

Thanks for responding! My dad always tells me to right down the pros(your friends,the game you love, etc.) and cons(being away from your wife) and weigh them out for any of my biggest desisions. Geno is one of the best! My parents got me one of his Defenders away jerseys for Christmas 2yrs ago(I'm asking for either your camo or Shrlon's camo this yr.). Me and my sisters would have catches in the Dodd outfield and he would critique our catches before games. He was always good to us and would sign for us just like you do. I'm doing fine. H.S. soccer is winding down and I get to relax a little before I have to get ready for baseball tryouts. My school always has 125 kids tryout for 18 spots on our Freshman team, so I dont know if I'll make it. Our varsity tem is always nationally ranked and currently has the most pro alumni in all of NY, John Lannan being the most famous. I'll work hard just like you say. Good luck in your desision and thenks for the advice.
Your biggest fan,
Rob Sorge

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