Thursday, October 15, 2009

Catching up on links

I wanted to catch up on some links to recent articles.

First, here is an excerpt from my latest "Suitcase Chronicles" entry for Baseball America:

I then approached the TPX baseball bag. It sat at an angle in the bedroom. One strap dangled from its side and displayed a nametag: "Garrett Broshuis, Pitcher." It hypnotized me.

"Garrett Broshuis, Pitcher."

I'd played this game since I was a boy. Pitching had become as much a part of me as my blue eyes and ugly eyebrows. I'd carried this title and all its baggage everywhere I went.


I also wrote a piece for Deadspin recently about a "toy drum." It's a locker room tale (might not be for kids):


David V. Sanders said...

I just about got tears in my eyes reading the Baseball America piece. I wish I could say I got my meager paycheck from pitching (love the mouse simile, by the way), but instead mine comes from teaching writing. You would make an A in my class.

Geno Espineli Fan said...

Thanks for responding! My dad always tells me to right down the pros(your friends,the game you love, etc.) and cons(being away from your wife) and weigh them out for any of my biggest desisions. Geno is one of the best! My parents got me one of his Defenders away jerseys for Christmas 2yrs ago(I'm asking for either your camo or Shrlon's camo this yr.). Me and my sisters would have catches in the Dodd outfield and he would critique our catches before games. He was always good to us and would sign for us just like you do. I'm doing fine. H.S. soccer is winding down and I get to relax a little before I have to get ready for baseball tryouts. My school always has 125 kids tryout for 18 spots on our Freshman team, so I dont know if I'll make it. Our varsity tem is always nationally ranked and currently has the most pro alumni in all of NY, John Lannan being the most famous. I'll work hard just like you say. Good luck in your desision and thenks for the advice.
Your biggest fan,
Rob Sorge

Minda said...

The Deadspin piece *might not* be for kids? Kids shouldn't be within 500 feet of that one!

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