Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mailbag spillover

Not all of the questions fit in the small mailbag I'm using for my "Suitcase Chronicles" column on Baseball America, so here are some spillover questions:

Have you always been a major **##****#?
From Mike, in an undisclosed location in Missouri

This question's from a college buddy. Since he's a buddy, he can ask such a personal question. Answer: Yes, I've always been a major **##****#.

As a pitcher, are you watching these playoff closer meltdowns with horror or the sense "Shoot, I could do better than THAT!!" or both?
From Janice, in California

Answer: Shock and empathy.

I'm definitely not going to say I could do better. These are some of the best pitchers in the game. They also happen to be facing some of the best hitters in the game, and once in a while they're going to blow a game.

So no, I can't do better than the closers, but I do at times feel that I could do better than some of the middle relievers.

The horrifying thing to me is the that the entire game is blamed on these individuals. After Huston Street blew the save in game 4 of the NLCS, every headline across America said "Street Blows the Save." Sportscenter displayed the Denver Post headline 14 times before I finally lost count.

Street will bounce back, but I know he's currently enduring some sleepless nights. I feel for him.

Do you remember the time that you got out of the car and walked home because Travis was playing G-Bop (Kenny G) as loud as he could with the windows down?
From Mike again

Answer: yes, I do, and I stand by my actions.

What are your thoughts on the move to Richmond, and the Flying Squirrels mascot?
From a couple of different people. Please raise your hands to be recognized.

P.C. response: Connecticut was a great place to play. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there, as did all of my Giants' teammates.

Glad I got that out of the way.

The situation in CT was less than ideal. Foul weather plagued the team each year, and all of the Californians and Latinos hated the cold. Additionally, the attendance was poor, and many guys weren't accustomed to the small town lifestyle.

I actually found things that I really enjoyed. There's great trout fishing, and you're less than an hour from great beaches. On the rare off-day, players can take day-trips to NYC or Boston.

Richmond is supposed to be a better market, and the weather should be better. From what I hear, the stadium needs improvements, and this might actually be a downgrade from CT, where the facilities were pretty good.

As for the mascot, I kind of like the Flying Squirrels. Who wouldn't like seeing Rocky and Bullwinkle as mascots? And think of the promotion possibilities. Squirrel on a stick in the concession stand? Bring your squirrel to the ballpark day? We'll see what uniforms and hats they come up with. They might be atrocious.

Have you ever chased a car down the street after a hit and run?
Another Mike question (thanks for bringing back memories)

Answer: Yes. Stupid guy was drunk. Hit Travis's car while it was parked in front of the apartment. Totaled it. We got out the video camera once the cops got there. Traumatic night.

Lastly, the comment of the week, which followed my last post:

I play a baseball simulation game on the computer called Out of the Park Baseball. It's ridiculously realistic in most areas, except minor league contracts are for $0. So now I know that's pretty close to realistic, too. :)

That came from Mark. Thanks for making me laugh Mark. (And for making me depressed.)


The Editor said...

As a person who despises the music of Kenny G, I salute you.

The Big Picture said...

The Squirrels are being designed by Plan B branding - they have a pretty cool blog and they're going to be documenting the process on it.

hopefully he design will be a good one. Most of their other stuff is pretty solid.

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