Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Stupid 104--the list that is, was, and may never be.

The Stupid 104. That is what they might as well call the list of 104 idiots that tested positive for performance enhancers in 2003, the year that MLB and the MLBPA devised the genius plan of experimental testing. As if they needed proof that there was a problem.

Of course, they weren't alone, as there were plenty of idiots those days abusing their bodies and thereby abusing the sanctity of the game. For this reason, the list is meaningless in my opinion. I therefore have only mild interest in today's court opinion, similar to the interest that I maintain towards grocery store sushi.

Link to law Prof Michael McCann's article on today's court opinion, which made it unlikely that the list will be released:

Oh, I know, you want to know if (insert star's name here), your favorite player, is on the list. You've gotten a taste of these leaked names and want to relish in another idiot's demise a bit more. But is anyone really vindicated simply by the absence of their name on such a list? There were plenty of other years that players were using steroids, and most of these users will never be found on any list. They are guilty nonetheless, and the entire era will be looked upon with shame.

The more the debate over this list continues, the more that this shame continues. How does this relate to life in the minors? Well, the minor leagues have had a testing program in place since 2001, and it is a good one. In fact, rates of steroid abuse are now extremely low in the minor leagues. I've only had one teammate who I definitely knew was using steroids (the idiot told me he was using them). This spring training, he tested positive. Only a couple others have I suspected, and they have been caught and punished, just as it should be.

Yet, clouds of suspicion still follow us to the ballpark like an ugly stalker (are there ever hot stalkers?). This is rightly so, as less than a decade has passed since rampant abuse. But the minor leagues are now very clean (I can't speak for the big leagues, since obviously I'm not there). Sure, a test for HGH is needed, but most minor leaguers don't have the resources or the money to acquire this substance. Steroids were as easy to attain as marijuana in Tijuana; HGH is a different story--you need a crooked doctor and enough cash to buy a BMW.

For this reason, I don't really care if the names of the Stupid 104 are released. Sure it might be wrong to single out a few people, but beyond that I don't have an opinion. I just wish they would make up their minds and get it over with, so that those of us that are clean can perhaps play untarnished.

Stupid 104 and their stupid drugs.

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Anonymous said...

sanctity of the game?

the same game that puts nasty racists like ty cobb in the hall, but didnt let blacks play till the 50s?

the same game that rewards an admitted cheater like gaylord perry with a spot in the hall...but may deny barry bonds? are a pro and you know that part of every game sees individuals looking for an edge

some people may call this cheating...but it is always part of the game

last week, the rockies tweaked their in house gun to make it look like lincecum was topping out at the high 80s...they have admitted to at times playing around with the humidor that keeps balls from flying out of their yard...the giants used to wet down the infield when the dodgers came to town to keep maury wills from stealing bases.

but as none of those dealt with guys putting stuff in their bods...guess it didnt destroy the sanctity of the game.

and what about greenies? you know, the stuff that guys in the 50s and 60s kept in huge jars in every clubhouse in the league...the stuff that keep you alert when you are playing a day after night game at the end of a 15 game road trip? did their use destroy the sanctity of the game...cuz then you gotta say that guys like aaron and mays, who lived on the stuff...hand a hand in destroying the very game they helped make popular.

care to tell me how the home run race of mac and sosa destroyed the sanctity of the game, when it brought back millions who had been turned off by the players strike and the cancellation of an entire season?

no gb, while it may not be fair, that some guys using peds do better than is all about the game

life aint fair

it isnt fair that god gave timmy a rocket for an arm and a daddy who taught him how to use it...while he only gave you some real good baseball smarts and a way with words.

it aint fair that i could never even dream about making it past high school baseball, cuz im short and slow.

but thats the way it is

trust could start on a regime of roids you think you will end up throwing like the rocket? aint gonna happen

so no...the sanctity of the game is intact...the list never should have been divulged and the game continues

and are going to the playoffs and have a beautiful wife waiting for this long season to finally be rejoice

life is good