Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Playermail and a link

Playermail (different from blackmail)

I had a player email me not long ago about the cost of his insurance. He's a minor league free agent, so his insurance benefits expired. Here's what he said regarding purchasing COBRA:

"For me its $404.51 per month. If I had a family with a wife and kid for a total family of 3, its $1,375.40 per month. "

The player went on to say that there's no way he can afford it. He found little work in a tough economy this off-season. He made little money during the previous season, and was far from a bonus baby. If he doesn't sign with an affiliated team but instead plays independent ball, he'll simply go without insurance.

In fact, he didn't even get a gym membership this off-season. He had to save money.

Meeting the Straw man

On a completely different note, I met Darrly Strawberry recently. One of the heroes of my youth, it was a pretty cool experience. For some reason though, these experiences always seem to lack the expected luster. Here's what I wrote for Baseball America:

Hope February is treating all of you well!!

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bacci40 said...

Adam Witter and Steve Calicutt were just cut by the giants

nice that they got a little time to catch on with another team

in regards health insurance...i love how wingnuts say, just cut back on the things you dont need and you too can afford it

400 bux a month means a heck of alot in cutbacks for the avg person

sure, i can go without gas, electric, car, etc