Monday, September 21, 2009

Villalona: teammate turned murder suspect

A giant of a kid, homesick and still growing up, navigating his way through the labyrinth that is professional baseball; that is how I would describe teammate Angel Villalona. The game delivered him good times and bad, and he reacted as any teenager would react when under a pressurized microscope. He threw an occasional tantrum but got over it and would soon have a smile on his face.

Now this giant of a kid, the source of such high expectations, is the main suspect in the murder of Mario Felix de Jesus Velete in his hometown of La Romana, Dominican Republic. The incident took place in a bar on Saturday night.

I hope that details come forth that exonerate my 19-year-old friend and teammate. The news is shocking and almost incomprehensible. To think that a man with whom I just recently played is now connected to the death of another human being is hard to swallow.

I am told often by my teammates that the streets of the D.R. are dangerous. At times they exaggerate no doubt, but the latest data puts the murder rate at 23.57 per 100,000. This is much higher than the United States’ rate of 5.8, but also much lower than the famed city of Detroit, which posts a rate of 46.

Still, most of my Dominican teammates claim to carry a pistol with them wherever they go.

“Everyone else has a gun, so you have to carry one too,” one of them told me recently. “Especially if people know you are a baseball player, they might try robbing you, so you have to carry one for protection.”

I don’t know how much of their pistol-packing claims are based on truth and how much are based on myth-building machismo, but enough of them have made the statement that it seems plausible that a plethora of guns fill the streets of the D.R. With that many loaded weapons around, nothing good can come from an altercation.

I’ve had good relationships with every one of my Dominican teammates, Villalona included. Even while assimilating to our culture and learning our language, they like to laugh in the clubhouse and have a good time. I’ve roomed with Dominicans and have forged great friendships with some of them. Still, I realize that the culture from which they come is different than our own.

"It can be dangerous," I remember one of my teammates saying of La Romana. "The area Villalona is from is rough."

To generalize, the Dominicans are a proud people, and if an altercation occurs, they don’t back down. They don’t shy away from a fight, as most claim that they have fought throughout their lives. Having seen a couple of them in small fights, and having seen some of their scars, I tend to believe them.

Again, I hope that Villalona didn’t commit this murder, but if he did, justice needs to be served. The thought still reigns as almost incomprehensible, but I have to remember that my teammates don’t grow up in cushy little suburbs in the United States, playing 60 games a year for traveling Little League teams that extort $5,000 for the “opportunity” to play. Instead, they come from a still developing country with a high crime rate, where $5,000 represents more than half of the average household income.

I’ll be watching this story closely as additional information arises. I’ll be thinking of Villalona’s hearty laugh, and the monstrous power he displayed daily in BP. Hopefully he’s innocent, and I’ll see him back in a uniform soon. But a man died, and if my teammate is guilty of any wrongdoing, then regardless of his fame, fortune or immense potential, he needs to be punished.


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Unknown said...

Really interesting stuff. If you decide you're getting too old for MiLB at some point, you could definitely be a sportswriter.

Your post on "pitching to the score" is top notch as well.

Blake N. Cooper said...

I appreciate your honesty and insight.

greg8370 said...

Nice job GB!

gbroshuis said...

Thanks guys! Appreciate the compliments and comments.

Unknown said...

We Giants fans who are trying to make sense of this unfortunate situation appreciate your thoughtful analysis. I agree with Jon - you could have a future in sportswriting.

timbe2 said...


I came across your blog on twitter!
great post! and you seriously do have a future in sports writing.
follow me on twitter, @timbe2!

A Loyal giants fan going to school behind enemy lines(Colorado)

C Barton said...

Great post!

GRMG said...

Thanks so much for sharing the season with us. Your blog and your tweets have made me laugh and cry a host mom for SJ for several years, I've seen one side of life in the minors, and your writing gives a glimpse into another side of it.

I hope your dreams come true and wish you the best of everything.


Unknown said...

Um... what's "justice"?

gbroshuis said...

Thanks again for the compliments guys! And to Sharon, thanks for being a host family. People like you make the chasing of dreams possible for a lot of young men. On the salaries that we're allotted it would be impossible to live in San Jose without you!

All my best to you! I'll keep posting on here and occasionally on Baseball America throughout the off-season.

Layoverlou said...

Thanks for the insightful post. I am of Dominican descent and have spent time on the island in the capital Santo Domingo and other cities. Unfortunately for my mother's country there is a tendency for men to carry guns on the island. Although much of the "allure" of the gun culture can be ascribed to machismo, the threat of robbery and assault is real in the larger cities and towns. It is unfortunate that such a promising player could be caught up in this situation. Thanks again and please keep writing.

Unknown said...

Garrett, keep writing. Good luck with the LSATS but I think that you underestimate your talent as a writer. Thanks for the great post.

Unknown said...

Hey Garrett,

I came across your blog through SF Gate's the Splash blog. I really enjoyed reading your words over there and headed over here to read more. Regardless of what comes of your baseball career, you should keep on writing, even if it's not your job. I also wanted to recommend you read Pat Jordan's memoir A False Spring. It's a really good, if somewhat depressing, tale of toiling in minor-league baseball. Might be best to read it in the offseason. Hope to see you get a cup of coffee in the Bigs at some point.

Kodiak said...

Very interesting perspective, Garrett. Found out about you through The Splash post on SFGate. In addition to your passion for baseball, you clearly have a creative fire burning in you. Good to see that you are not neglecting one for the other.

Keep up the hard work - it is always rewarded, even if not in the way we hope or anticipate.

Best of luck to you from a Giants fan, and a new follower of your work.

Unknown said...

I could read your articles and blogs all day. Never give up writing no matter how much of a scum bag lawyer you become! ;)

Oran said...

Go to school, read like hell, think seriously about writing. My belief is that the best sportswriters can go well beyond stats and matchups and into the territory of life as we all understand it. Baseball is as much about history, legend, and myth as it is about numbers. You see the poetry of competition and are surely entrenched in the comedy and tragedy of life in baseball... At age 36, I took my wife and two boys back to college with me because I'd spent the last 10 years unsuccessfully working my rear end off to become a well paid fine artist. It never panned out, so here I am, nearly graduated and oh-so-close to teaching art in college. I'm a little crazy, but as much as I have to be a man, I have to feed my basic needs, too. You can do it, you can do it. Ever heard of Mitch Albom? Pick up one of his books ~ you won't be sorry. All the best to you and your wife.
Oran Miller

gbroshuis said...

Thanks everyone for the encouraging comments!! I appreciate all of them. To Layoverlou, thanks for providing some insight into the Dominican life. To Eric, I actually just received "A False Spring" as a gift from someone and will be reading it soon. I'll let you know what I think. To Oran, very well said. I hope that teaching art provides balance in your life. (reality sucks sometimes.) And yes, I've read "Tuesday's with Morrie" and "The Five People you Meet in Heaven." Good books.

I'll be posting regularly. Thanks again for the comments! If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, feel free to contact me there as well!

John&Tam said...

Absolutely wonderful writing.

...if nothing else, I expect to be reading a book you wrote within the next five years. Keep your chin up and my best to you and your wife!

...and no matter what: DON'T STOP WRITING!

Brooks said...

You got some play on the front page of sfgate today. Nice writing. I appreciate your inside look and take on the minors. Hope to see you at AT&T one day--on the field or in the press room...

tarvos0 said...

Hey...I'm a career sports journalist and, honest, you're too gifted to waste your insight as a regular "sports writer." True writing talent's a gift and you have it. I'd play until they tore the uniform off of me...but, regardless of what you do, know that your gift is that of communicating feelings and thoughts and there's a market for it that far exceeds just writing about games and players.

obsessivegiantscompulsive said...

Your e-mail posted on the Splash drew me here. I've been wanting to check you out for a while because I knew you were writing for BA.

You are an excellent and thoughtful writer, and no doubt in any form of communication. That's a useful skill, no matter what you chose to do in life. Novel on the life of a minor leaguer. Being a legal counsel for a team. Assisting on contracts and such in the GM's office. There are many jobs for someone like you, whether with a major league team or major corporation.

I thought maybe you might get promoted too, but it was not to be. Hopefully, you can take some honest criticism, but your stats are not really the best in AA and you got a boost from playing in Dodd Stadium, which over the years really killed power hitter's HR and thus SLG. I truly believe it delayed Ishikawa's arrival to the majors, and it reduced Bowker's and Sandoval's numbers when they were there. EME too, heck, almost all the hitters with any power. Likewise, that helped pitchers greatly too, and appears to have helped you in 2008 and 2009.

But you write beautifully. Your letter to Schulman was honest, insightful, poignant, heartfelt, very sanguine. You truly touched me.

So I've bookmarked your blog and will read regularly, please do keep on writing. All the best with the LSAT, as you know, Tony LaRussa has done pretty well with a law degree and so-so MLB career. I will be rooting for you, no matter what you chose to do with your life, good luck with everything and a wish for a speedy recovery to your wife, sounds like you got a good one (and likewise for her).

sartre said...

I want to add my voice to those expressing appreciation for your writing craft. That talent showcases an appealing and thoughtful personality and intelligence. As a Giants fan it was interesting to read your reflection on Angel and Dominican players in the context of the minors. But what most impressed me about what you wrote was the clear moral compass it revealed. The temptation of fans and those who know the person involved is to quickly deny or attempt to excuse wrong-doing rather than to simply hope it did not occur. As you say, for all his talent and many fine personal qualities if a crime occurred the young man needs to be held to account for it.

Jay Krackeler said...
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gbroshuis said...

To John&Amp;Tam, I'll keep writing! And I'd love to put together a book someday. Minor league baseball is full of inexplicable occurrences, and there is a lot of room for improvement in this game. I'd love to write something that increases awareness of how backward player development remains. And I think this spring training would make a good narrative as well. Spring is always full of promise, but it's full of drama as well, especially this past year.

Again, thanks to everyone and thanks for wishing me luck on the test. As for contacting Angel, I've talked to one of my other Dominican friends but not to Angel. I don't think he's very accessible right now.

Charlene/ said...

It's such a sad situation all around. We're Giant's fans and follow the minor league teams as well. Our oldest son, almost 8, was so excited when Villalona was signed because he was so young! He was so eager to catch even a glimpse of the kid at any single or triple-A game we attended. I can't even bring myself to explain that he's in jail now.

So many are curious about what he was like in the minors, so your it's been nice to read your take.

And as a journalist/blogger/whatever, I agree that yes, you do have a gift with words. Glad to have found your blog and I look forward to reading more posts!

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KG-Gman22 said...

Garrett, loved your article. Great insight from a teammates point of view. I hope that you end up in Richmond, VA, so I can meet you. The new Flying Squirrels jerseys look great! As a lifelong Giants fan, I hope to see here and talk some baseball! Good luck with whatever the future holds for you and your family and keep writing!!! From your new fan, Kent in Richmond.

Anonymous said...

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