Friday, November 5, 2010

New "Suitcase Chronicles" entry: When Old Friends Get a Ring

Yes, this is a rarity these days, but I took a few minutes away from summary judgment lectures to put some thoughts on paper (so to speak). It's about my former Giants' teammates winning it all.

So, without further introduction, here's an excerpt from my latest "Suitcase Chronicles" entry:

Some people told me recently I contributed to this championship moment simply by playing in the minors with these guys. Perhaps, in some distant, metaphysical way. But I downplay this. Nothing I did ever prepared Posey for catching Lincecum. Nothing I ever did helped Romo throw his signature slider. They learned these things on their own. I taught them nothing.

Yet we were friends, and we trekked a common journey together. Though my journey ended sooner than theirs, I still enjoyed the moments with them.

We seldom talk anymore. Life's present and future plans all too often stifle old friendships. Memories, however, continue to smolder. It is through these memories that I build my own World Series ring, and I'll carry this invisible ring with me until the day I die.


Dominican Baseball Guy said...

OK, so you are in law school. I was wondering where "life in the minors" had been. This piece brought a tear to my eye. Must have been emotional for you.

Cool insight as always!

Geno Espineli Fan said...

Great stuff as always, Garret! Hope everything is going well for you. We missed not seeing you in Richmond last year.

gbroshuis said...

Thanks for reading! I'll try to write again soon. (Though finals might get in the way--fun stuff!)

Michael Taylor said...

Glad to see you back posting, Garrett. I know several people who have run the gantlet of law school, and realize how hard it is to find time for anything else.

As a Giants fan ever since they came to SF (I was 8 years old then), I'm still having a hard time believing they won it all this year. Granted, Cubs fans have suffered longer, but the Giants have been just a kiss away from that trophy twice since '58, and within spitting distance a few more times. After the stunning heartbreak of 2002, I never thought I'd live to see them win the World Series. If you asked me near the end of August to rate their chances of taking the division -- much less fighting their way through the playoffs to win the Series -- I'd have laughed long, hard, and bitterly.

But baseball is a funny game, and once again I had to re-learn the importance of keeping the faith.
And whatever happens from now on, they can't take this one away from us.

Thanks for keeping us all in the loop with your blog -- and good luck with finals...

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