Friday, May 7, 2010

A Friday Quickie: Receta de Pollo

So I shared this on Twitter a few days ago, but I thought I'd share it again on here.

Some of my favorite moments from minor league baseball are the result of going over to one of my teammate's apartments after a day game and hanging out. Sometimes I'd hang out with my Dominican buddies. Often they'd cook for me. I hoped it would make me throw harder, as they said arroz con pollo was the key to velo. Obviously it never worked, and here I am today preparing for law school.

Anyways, here's an easy recipe for grilled chicken from Osiris Matos:

Easy Grilled Chicken the Dominican Way (Or Coño Chicken, as one of my teammates liked to call it):


Chicken Breasts
Red Wine Vinegar
Adobo Seasoning with Pepper

Place Chicken Breasts in any container known to contain things. Pour a thin layer of red wine vinegar on them (not too much). Sprinkle both sides with Adobo and Oregano (both usually used generously). Cover and marinate for a couple of hours. Grill and enjoy!

If you really want to feel like you're in Santo Domingo, try Matos' Platanos Fritos as well. They're as easy as catching a box turtle without a box.

If using green Platanos, just peel them while some oil is heating in a pan on medium-high heat. Cut the plantains in quarter inch slices. Place in oil. Fry on each side for 1.37 minutes (exactly). Remove from heat and use any blunt object to smash them (hopefully clean). Once flattened, place them back in the oil for another minute or two on each side, or until slightly golden brown. Remove and sprinkle with a little salt (or a lot if you feel like having a heart attack and don't like the actual taste of food).

I was told with yellow Platanos it's not necessary to use blunt objects, as they're soft enough you don't need to flatten them. They're also sweeter. I think smashing things is fun though. Very cathartic.

Anyways, wash it down with a little cocktail made with Brugal, and you'll be speaking Spanish in no time, even if your velocity doesn't improve.


lance aka lc said...

fried plantains...good stuff. there's a place in new haven that usually sells plantains @ three for a buck.

G, did you take the LSAT already?

gbroshuis said...

Yep, did pretty well on it considering I haven't taken a test in 6 years! Got into some really great schools. Saint Louis University made me an offer that I never would've dreamed getting, and I accepted it. So I'm staying in St. Louis!

Thanks for asking. Has crabbing started yet?

Anonymous said...


as law school takes up alot of time, are you gonna have any left for the blog?

hope so

gbroshuis said...

I'll find time!!

lance aka lc said...

wow that's great news G. You'll be fine, although it is a bit stressful around exam time. Although your professors will advise against it I strongly advise using Emanuels, legallines, casenotes, ect.... a cliff note/monarch note equivalent for law texts. Nice that you're going to be able to go local after all those years away from home. If you get the list of required texts before school starts you can order the corresponding "helpers" for them and get a jump.

No crabbing yet, although I just put my boat in the water and will be putting ten lobster pots in the water very soon.

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