Sunday, April 11, 2010

Primavera and some links

A few lyrics from one of my favorite Santana songs, "Primavera" (Spring), which I've been listening to a lot lately:

Como la semilla
Lleva nueva vida
Hay en esta primavera una nueva era

En el aire de este universo
Hoy se respira libertad
En primavera ya

La tierra negra se vuelve verde
Y las montanas y el desierto
Un bello jardin

Como la semilla
Lleva nueva vida
Hay en esta primavera una nueva era

Beautiful in Spanish. It's worth the translation.

And here are a few links:

David Laurila with Baseball Prospectus has a great ongoing series called "Minor Issues." I had the wonderful opportunity to answer a couple of questions for him:

And here's a recent fun one about from Laurila about Derrick Loop entering his team's circle of trust:

From recent to old, here's something from Lisa Winston, written years back, that was passed along to me:

Lastly, not sure what to think about USA Today reporting a significant decrease in MLB opening day salaries and MLBPA responding with their own calculations showing a slight increase. Don't really think that accomplished anything. What's more interesting is that MLBPA seems to be gearing up for a collusion case. In my opinion, the owners definitely colluded this offseason, using the economy as an excuse to collectively make less attractive offers to free agents. But proving it is another thing. Here are some links:

Enjoy the spring! It's beautiful in St. Louis!


Anonymous said...


i dont know whether collusion can be proven this time.

it was a rather weak offseason in regards to fa talent

payrolls seem to be holding steady and more players seem to be going for stability rather than the big couple year paycheck

Anonymous said...

Hola Amigo,

My padre gave me my name because of it's meaning in Spanish.

Cute post ... I must google search that song ... Happy Springtime!



Shiloh tell all your furry friends to visit, it's OREO's birthday this month!!!

Her WISH is to help the shelter dogs ... check out the GABE post!

Richard Keith Winters said...

who sings that song? it looks familiar.

also, glad to see the Baseball America article finally got published. Great work, interesting stuff.

and i was sorry to hear that you decided to hang up the cleats. is your bag still unpacked as you left it at the end of season?

i am sure it was a tough decision, but you will always know that you did it right. it is not about whether you win or lose, it is about how you play the game.

look forward to reading more of your articles.

Richard Keith Winters said...
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gbroshuis said...

I agree. I don't think they'll be able to prove collusion, but it's an interesting thought given that the CBA is soon expiring. Might be a dogfight soon.

Keith: Song is a Santana song. As for that bag? Well, it's partially unpacked. As I began going through, I realized that some things don't have a place outside of it. The bag is their rightful home.

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