Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pizza and Fried Chicken: Minor league staples

"Tough to eat healthy when your post-game meal is fried chicken every night."

The quote is from one my teammates. We were recently talking about the difficulties of eating healthy in the minor leagues. We often have this discussion, but we had a specific prompt this time: Pictures of our personable teammate, Pablo "Kung Fu Panda" Sandoval, working out.

I first saw the pictures on Facebook. Pablo doing abs with a med ball. Pablo on a treadmill. Pablo grimacing on a leg press machine. Pablo chopping wood, running through snow, and doing pullups in a barn. (Wait, that's Rocky). Then came the story by the SF Chronicle regarding "Camp Panda." More of the same pictures, and details of Pablo running up mountains--Camelback specifically--in a single bound.

My anonymous teammate sent me the link to the Chronicle's article. We both agreed that we loved seeing Pablo work like this. He's an impact player. His energy is contagious, he loves the game, and he can flat out hit.

We delved further into the situation. Specifically, my teammate asked me a question: Why did they wait until he was an established star to worry about his weight? Why didn't they worry about it years ago, when he was already at 240 pounds but short of 270? Why don't they do more to help minor minor leaguers improve their diets? (Okay, that was more than one question.)

I tried giving an answer. They want to save money? They don't care about players until they reach the major leagues? They weren't good answers.

In my upcoming Baseball America story on salaries (yes it does exist--crossing fingers--should be out in 2 weeks), I touch on this subject, but I'd like to expound upon it here. It's not easy to eat healthy in the minor leagues. Often choices are limited. And often budgetary resources are limited.

There is a fairly easy solution to this problem. Most guys arrive to the field each day around 2 pm. They eat a snack. They eat a full meal around 5:30 after BP. They eat again after the game. This is over half of their daily caloric intake. It's probably close to two-thirds. Why not ensure that these calories are good calories?

A slight effort is made by most teams. Nutritionists give a 15 minute talk in spring training, and guidelines are given for clubbies. But these clubbies are operating on a budget. Players pay dues for the "spread," and an effort is made to keep these dues low. With little money to spend and rushed for time, the result is often quick, easy, and cheap food. The junk food brims with the normal trifecta--fat, sugar, and sodium.

I have to admit I like eating Doritos once in a while. And who doesn't like the occasional corndog? But these shouldn't be staples of pre-game meals. We're playing baseball, not watching a tractor pull at a state fair.

Post-game meals are often no better. Again operating on a short budget, fried chicken and Stouffer's lasagna prevail at the upper levels of the minors. In the lower levels, many teams don't even have post-game spreads to reduce the cost of dues. Instead, players are left to find food themselves. On the road, late-night options near the hotel are limited to McDonald's or trail mix from the local gas station. Some players simply order Domino's Pizza night after night.

Certain teams are beginning to take steps to remedy this. The RedSox, for instance, pay for meals after home games for their "A ball" players. The meals are fresher and more nutritious than the normal post-game meal. It cost them around $5 per player--around $150 per night. With 70 home games, it amounts to $10,500. It's not a small expense, but when these players are the future of your organization--not to mention that teams have spent a lot of money on their top picks--it would seem to be a good investment.

Along with a lack of options, the low meal money allotted players complicates matters. Per diem, provided when the team is on the road, has remains at $20. It hasn't increased since McDonald's introduced the Big Mac. (I actually can't verify that.) For a Double A player, over half of this goes to clubhouse dues. Around seven or eight dollars is left for both breakfast and lunch.

In a story I wrote last off-season, I talked about an effort made to raise per diem. General managers wanted to do it. It just needed a vote by owners. Commissioner Selig didn't even raise the issue at the winter meetings.

Minor leaguers recognize that our situation is better than many in the world. We have food while many go hungry. But we're trying to play at our fullest potential, and it's tough to do so when eating junk food.

Players aren't expecting to eat filet mignon every night. They don't want to gorge themselves on crab legs (too difficult and messy, but man they taste good). They just want to have a healthy meal once in a while. Right now that's a wish that's hard to fulfill.

We'll just keep eating fried chicken and pizza. A few of us will actually reach the big leagues. They'll care about us then.

Update: I've had mixed reports on whether or not the Giants give money for post-game meals in the form of reimbursements. Hopefully more teams begin using the method of the RedSox, where they just pay for decent meals! As of now, I've only heard of a few teams doing this. Hopefully the idea spreads.

I also don't want to come across as criticizing the clubhouse managers. Those guys work their butts off! They don't get the credit, or the pay, that they deserve.


Anonymous said...

I find it ironic that the teams try to treat the symptoms, not the cause. If you are talking about saving $$, compare Pablo's 1-on-1 all-day training for 3.5 weeks (trainers, a nutritionist, per-diem, hotel)to the cost of providing nutritious meals in-season. They couldn't have saved a whole lot, and they spent all their money on just one player.

I agree with you, Garrett. They never should have let it go this far before taking action. If it happened to Panda it is probably happening to others.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more.. being a host family for San Jose Single A Giants, I take on the responsiblity of making sure our player is eating well. My family laughs at me when I pack a HUGE lunch each day and extra food for road trips. After hearing about what their food options are on the road and in the clubhouse, I think providing healthy meals for them is one of the most important jobs of being a host family. Good story, you always show both sides and give solutions and suggestions! Looking forward to your full article in Baseball America.

Jeff Perro said...

The Giants provide $150 per game to each of their minor league affiliates for the post game meal. I A-Ball (Augusta, San Jose) the $150 is the budget for the post game spread. At AA and AAA that $150 supplements the dues that are paid to the clubhouse manager, which would bring his post game budget to $250-300. I worked with the the low-A Augusta tean, so it wouldn't be really fair for me to comment on how this money is managed at the AA or AAA level.

But in A-ball, the problem with this system is that the money is given to the affiliate in form of reimbursement as opposed to giving it to the clubhouse manager, who actually cares about the quality and healthfulness of the food. There is no motivation for the General Manangers of these teams to provide quality food or for that matter, even spend the money and not pocket it. If I had to speculate, the GreenJackets spent on the average about $80 of the 150a game on the post game meals. Chicken tenders, hamburgers, grilled chicken sandwiches were the typical meals. FRENCH FRIES were the staple!!!! The handful of meals that they had brought in from outside of the stadium were worked out as trades for tickets, advertising and such. Basically cost them nothing.

That is the norm for minor league baseball though, alot of times the players don't even see it. Hustle or be hustled. I have an interesting story about a team in the league that I work in now. The major league affiliate gave the general manager of the team $10,000 to build an indoor batting cage, it was in one of the hotter cities in the league that receives a lot of rain, an indoor batting cage was a neccesity. The GM called one of his buddies that knew a thing or two about carpentry, but was an amatuer at best. The team paid this guy to build a COVERED batting cage on part of the concrete parking lot!! It couldn't have cost more than $3000 to build. What about the rest of the $10,000?

I'm sorry.... I got off on a tangent. I work for a different parent club now and I have friends that work with many other organizations, it's interesting to see how the different teams go about providing pre and post game meals for their players. It's also interesting hearing about how they do it in Indy ball.


Jeff Perro said...

Thanks for the little "shout out to clubhouse managers," it was appreciated, but not nessasary. I didn't take it as criticism or anything. I'm sorry if my last comment sound like a criticism of minor league front offices. There are good people out there as well as shady people who care only about the bottom line. There is just this perpetual team vs. front office thing that's a lot like cats vs. dogs.

I've worked in AA for 6 years and Low-A for 1 year, I've also worked under 3 different major league parent organizations. I have never understood the philosophy of how the minor leagues are run.

The escalating salaries of major league players is a catch 22 of sorts. One one hand, when teams are paying an average 3rd baseman $5.3 million dollars a year, it kinda limits how much money you can spend on your farm system. On the other hand, that $5.3 million salary screams "We should spend more money to develop players that we can pay less than $5.3 million!!!!"

If MLB simply raised per diem by $4 a day.... adding it up.... that's about $50,000 dollars a year between the AAA-Rookie ball teams. That's also the difference between their pudgy 3rd base prospect eating Chick-Fil-A or Mickey D's. It's the difference between him eating 3 of the Domino's $5.55 special or a chicken salad sandwich from Panera. If the clubbies could charge $1 a day more because of that $4, it's the difference between Stouffers lasagna and grill chicken pasta from Tony's Pasta and Subs.

$4 a day is only about $50,000.

Mr. Broshuis keeps teasing us with an article about how the minor league salaries haven't changed since the Lincoln administration. How much is it worth to these teams to pay that minor league 3rd base prospect an extra $4000 a year so that he can work a little less at a BS job to prepare physically for the upcoming season?

I had a lengthy conversation with one of the White Sox top prospects this season on this topic. He was not a high draft pick and didn't get a huge signing bonus, he was kind of a late bloomer. He's been working as a roofer in the offseason for a family friend the past few years, occasionally doing a baseball clinic for a little extra jingle. Still, DEFYING THE ODDS, he's been able to transform himself into a Major League capable baseball player. How many more of these borderline prospects could have transformed themselves into CHEAP capable Major Leaguers if they had been able to work out, hit, throw, take groundballs, or whatever for 2 extra months a year? How many of these borderline guys has baseball lost when they decided they could make more money roofing 12 months a year than chasing a dream? Sounds worth it to me to invest a little more in these guys to save some of that $5.3.

These are just my thoughts. These guys who run these teams are supposedly smarter than me.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I don't see where a minor-leaguer's diet is much different from any other 18-25 year old guy. The difference is these guys are being paid to be in better shape than the average Joe on the street.
Some teams probably skimp on the spread (outside of dues) because they figure the difference can be used in other areas of the organization, especially if they're losing money on ticket sales.
It's definitely not cheap to eat healthy in the amounts that most ballplayers need (especially when they use supplements), but maybe some responsibility should be placed on the ballplayer too. I have a few friends who were host families for A-ball guys--sometimes, these guys just didn't care. They would rather go drinking with their money than buy non-junk food. Not always the case, but it's probably more common that not.
It takes just as long to cook a chicken stirfry as it does to heat up a frozen pizza. If a team can host seminars to help their guys avoid scam artists or how to deal with media, they can teach them some basic cooking skills. (These seminars might just be for the big money rookies, but they can at least teach cooking!)

gbroshuis said...

Some great comments on here. Keep the stories coming. Jeff, great story about the non-prospect turned prospect. That's something I talk with my teammates about all the time. The player that isn't drafted high is faced with extreme disadvantages simply because his resources are limited. He has to work his tail off in the offseason to make ends meet, while the top picks pay a wonderful trainer to workout a couple of hours, throw back a smoothie, and then do some baseball related activities. They devote their entire offseason to training for baseball, while the less than high draft pick has to devote their entire offseason to making money.

Jeff Perro said...

I like the last anonymous comment. They are completely right. Some guys do CHOOSE to eat junk food and spend all their food allowance on booze. Just like some 18-25 year old "civilians" do to. These guys eventually grow up, sometimes too late. Some of them drink themselves out of college and end up in a dead end job. It's the same with players. They either figure it out, or drink themselves out of the game.

Most major league teams place a strength and conditioning coach at each of their minor league affiliates. These guys not only take care of the players' physical fitness, but their nutrition and eating habits too. They serve as a voice of reason on the road, that little angel on your shoulder that says "You should get the BAKED Lays instead." Of course they can't be with the guys 24/7, but they may save 10,000 calories and a few sugar crashes during the season.

gbroshuis said...

You guys are absolutely correct. Give guys a little extra money for food, and some of them will inevitably spend it getting so drunk they can't run to their position the next day. Not all players, but yes, unfortunately, a few. Does this mean that all players shouldn't be given more money for food? Or that more food shouldn't be provided?

When I see a homeless person, I might give them a little loose change. A better thing to do is to actually buy them food. This ensures that he doesn't spend it on heroine or a hooker. (Not sure what kind of hooker he could find for 47 cents.) Why not do the same with minor league players? Monitor their pre-game and post-game meals more closely, and you ensure that over half their caloric intake is quality. That's what some teams are starting to do, and I think it makes a lot of sense.

Strength coaches have been a great addition. The Giants have just now finally added a couple, though they still don't have them at every level.

Anonymous said...

I happen to love fried chicken and pizza but ...

Way back when, in another job lifetime, I was working on a feature about clubbies (the good, the bad, the way-beyond-the-call-of-duty) ... and did a pretty extensive though optionally anonymous survey of players, most of whom had been at Double-A and Triple-A, re: who really treated the players well and who just phoned it in.

Needless to say, much of the resulting info was about the spreads ... and I learned a LOT I had not known ...

For example, players at Double-A and Triple-A (I don't think they do it in Class A or below) MUST pay a certain amount of their per diem towards clubhouse dues, regardless of the service they get from said clubbies.

Some clubbies are fabulous ... they pride themselves on their nutritious and delicious cooking and their spreads are famous. Some are master bakers who bring in homemade pies and make sure the players always have their special favorite goodies waiting for them. (These clubbies will generally get tipped generously -- especially by rehabbing big leaguers who can afford it).

Some however just throw out week-old bread and a jar of peanut butter and jelly and call it dinner. If they are clubbies for the visiting team, those players are going to have to dip into their pockets to get "real" food when they get back to their hotels from a night game.

Often, the only thing even available at that hour is, as you mentioned, fast food or ordering Dominos. So the junk food diet is not always the player's choice (one guy told me he brought a wok with him on the road all the time so he could be sure to eat healthy).

Another option would be to eat in the hotel restaurant when on the road, usually way overpriced.

I figured out that, in fact, there are Minor League players who, when all is said and done, LOSE money over the course of a season rather than make it, when you balance a salary they only get for five months against rent (often on two apartments, one in his summer location and one at home), food, etc.

My favorite story actually concerned one team where the newly-hired visiting clubbie didn't know he was required to provide food for the players. When they streamed into the clubhouse and there was nothing there, they complained so he ran to the local convenience store and came back with a box of ...

Beef jerky. But not just any beef jerky. He had apparently picked up DOG FOOD beef sticks.

Yum. True story. Happened at Triple-A. You can't make this stuff up.

Can't wait to read your story, Garrett. (I never ended up writing mine but I sure learned a lot through the interview process).

Jeff Perro said...

Wow, Garrett. You are absolutely correct with the homeless guy analogy, and I actually never looked at it that way. There just has to be a better way to do it than the way it's done now. Just like the last anonymous poster said, with clubbies there's the good, the bad, and the fantastic.

Should per diem and dues be raised so that clubhouse managers can provide better food? I honestly don't think so. The bad clubbies would still put out crap, but drive home in their Lexus (you know who you are.)

Should the parent club give the individual affiliates a check? Don't think so either. The shady GMs would still take that check, and use half of it on the spread and do God knows what with the rest (you know who you are.)

I have a lot to say on this subject, people. I feel like I could go a million ways from here, but they would be completely of the subject. If people want to hear my opinions or observations, feel free to ask me.

I'd just like to say one more thing though.... and I guess I should go ahead and word it in this manner -- "I'd like to say one more thing on behalf of clubhouse managers everywhere." Players will never be happy. There.... I said it.

My dues last season were $11 a day. My daily AVERAGE budget looked like this:

Spend about $4 a day per player on the pregame spread, sodas, and water.
Spend about $6 a day per player on the post game spread.
Spend as necessary on Shampoo, razors, soap, shoe cleaner, etc
Pocket the leftover as the fee for cleaning shoes, vacuuming the clubhouse, cleaning the bathrooms and showers, checking mail....

By this math, I'd profit, aka get paid, about $.25-.50 a day per player ($20?) for a 14-16 hour work day. Of course, that's not including tips $1-2 per player per game. So about $50 a game for 14-16 hour work days. All these numbers are averages.

The word "average" is important. I'd spend $7-8/player sometimes on catered grilled chicken, then spend $5/player on the occasional Stouffers and couple cans of green beans. I'd never heard the end of it about the Stouffers.

That's all I'm sayin.... players are never happy.

Jason B. Wolf said...

You said it best. It costs $150 per night to feed the team. If it costs $100,000 to feed every minor leaguer every night, that is money well spent.

Unfortunately, this seems like yet another example of "survival of the fittest" in the minors. If you have the discipline to spend your meager salary and limited free time trying to eat healthy, you gain an edge over the competition. If you spend your meager salary and limited free time drinking, you have fun but unless you are physically gifted, you lose in the long run.

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Really interesting stuff. If you decide you're getting too old for MiLB at some point, you could definitely be a sportswriter.

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