Monday, July 9, 2007

battling lady luck

7/07/07 was supposed to be a lucky day. It wasn’t for me.
I pitched on the day of lucky sevens. People were being married in record numbers on this day, and even scheduling caesarian sections for the birth of their children. Everyone was trying to cash in on this lucky day. This was perhaps the problem. Not only was it supposed to be a lucky day for me, but it was supposed to be a lucky day for everyone, including my opponents. I guess it cancelled my luck.
It actually wasn’t completely bad. I gave up five runs in five innings and garnered a no decision. But it could’ve been better, as all five runs were scored in one inning. This inning involved a couple of unlucky plays for me which if the coin had flipped the other way, would’ve limited the team to perhaps 1 or even no runs during the inning. Some seemingly innocuous balls found holes, which inevitably happens throughout a game. They just aren't all supposed to come in one inning.
For this reason, lady luck and I have not been on good terms for the past few days. As a baseball player, I'm compelled to attempt pacification of this mythical figure, but after my less than rewarding outing, I wasn't too happy with her. Despite this, my luck would soon change.
Upon conclusion of our road trip today, I rode with my parents, who had come for their only visit of the season, back to Connecticut. Normally this isn’t allowed, but since it was the beginning of the all-star break and my parents would only be out a few more days, my manager gave me a pass.
About two hours into our trip, my roommate, Ryan Sadowski calls me. The bus has blown a tire, and the air conditioning has broken, in apparently unrelated events. All of my teammates are sitting on the side of the road, watching cars go bye. Either waiting for another bus or for repairs to our usual bus, the situation could persist for hours.
I’m now passing into the state of Connecticut, nearing our destination. My teammates are still sitting on the side of the road like a discarded apple core, trying to thumb a ride. I guess lady luck and I are now even.